Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back And Forth

Sometimes it's difficult to talk to a certain friend of mine because she only talks about herself. Anytime I try and change the topic and discuss what is going on in my life, she manages to switch the conversation back to her life and her problems. She doesn't do it on purpose, at least I don't believe she does, but it's hard to deal with at times.
Photo Credit - Microsoft Clip Art

I make a point to listen to my friends and not make everything all about me, but I'm not as diligent when it comes to my prayer time. When I pray, the subject is usually me. I bring God my needs, my problems, my worries, my fears and my wants.

It takes a conscious effort on my part to meditate on God's word, to ask God to "Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in [his] law" (Psalm 119:18 NIV). I do this by combining my discipline of running with my discipline of faith.

I often read devotionals before I go for a run. With God's word on my mind and in my heart, I'm able to contemplate the passage of scripture I've read and open myself up to what God is trying to say to me. The rhythm of running encourages a back and forth dialogue that isn't all about me.


  1. I could imagine the cadence of running intertwining with prayer and praise very easily, Brianna. What a great way to exercise spiritually and physically at the same time.

  2. It can be a bit frustrating when dealing with those have a bad case of "me"itis. But it's something about being outside that makes me more in tune with the voice of the creator.

    1. I agree, Wanda! Running on the treadmill isn't as conducive to talking with God as running outside is! Thanks for visiting and commenting :)