Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running And The A-Z Challenge

Announcing my theme for this year's A-Z Challenge:
Cue the drum roll...

My A-Z Essentials For Running During Pregnancy.

Are you suitably excited and thrilled beyond belief? I thought so.

Every day of the month in April, except Sundays, I'll post about a quality or item that I find essential for running through the first, second and third trimesters. Some of the posts will be geared specifically to pregnant women, but many will also be pertinent to non-pregnant runners too.

Disclaimer! These 'essentials' are based on my personal experience only. I am not a medical doctor, a certified trainer or qualified any way to give 'professional' advice. I'm simply a mom who runs and wants to share what I've learned running through my second pregnancy.


  1. Sounds like a fine plan to me. I'll be back to check out your posts soon.