Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

March 4 - March 10, 2013
27 Weeks Pregnant

Weather again disrupted my schedule this week. Monday and Tuesday were great runs. Even though I still had a cold, I seemed to have a lot of energy. It almost felt like I'd had too much caffeine (oh how I miss thee!). Of course that also meant I wasn't sleeping well which caught up to me later in the week.

Photo Credit - Faith Laces
Wednesday's scheduled 'long' run (8 miles pregnant vs. 13 miles not pregnant) was hijacked by a 'huge' snowstorm (6 inches in actuality vs. the predicted 10 inches). If I hadn't been pregnant I would have ran despite the snow, but decided to play it safe and not risk getting hit by a car slipping and sliding on the slushy mess.

So like last week, I decided to try again for Thursday, but that's when I finally came down from my caffeine-like high brought on by my cold. I struggled through the scheduled 5 miles and didn't push to add three more, which I still wonder about. Not pregnant and tired I still do what the schedule says, but this baby makes me way too flexible with the schedule.

Speaking of being flexible, the highlight of my week was when a friend said to me, "I'm really impressed you can still touch your toes."

"Me too!" I replied proudly. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't touch my toes at this point in my pregnancy with my daughter. It feels great to still have flexibility in my muscles and joints. I credit doing yoga before and after being pregnant.

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