Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

March 11 - March 17, 2013
28 Weeks Pregnant
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

The weather cooperated this week and with no other conflicts I was able to run according to my schedule. Since I'm a bit OCD, meeting my set goals made me feel great, but mostly this week I felt discouraged, especially when someone commented that it looked like my running days were behind me for a while. This was after I'd just completed my long run:

"No, I actually just got back from an hour and 50 minute run," I told him.

"Oh, well my wife and I saw you earlier and figured you were done running for a while."

Wonder why they would think that? Because I'm pale, tired and have a round protruding belly that just keeps getting bigger?

Now that my 'bump' is showing through my coat, I often hear comments like, "Oh, you're still running?" as if maybe I shouldn't be. Despite knowing that running is perfectly safe as long as I pay attention to my body and what feels good, these types of comments make me doubt myself.

My 28 week prenatal visit bolstered my confidence. Talking with my doctor assured me that running was good for me and the baby.

Speaking of baby, previously during my runs I haven't felt him moving around, but Monday he was kicking while I ran. It was a weird sensation that made me slow down- maybe because it was the first time it happened. At the time, my initial thought was "great! now I'm going even slower!" But looking back, I will always remember that moment as one of the best of my entire pregnancy. How awesome to feel my baby moving inside me as if we were 'running' together.


  1. You and baby running together--that's a sweet 'photo' to carry in your heart. My daughter worked out at the gym up until about 2 weeks before baby arrived. I think exercise gets you in shape for the rigors of labor!

  2. Running with your baby - love it! I think you're doing great - OCD is helpful sometimes I guess! Of course, I can't even imagine walking 5 miles and at "this age" I certainly won't be running!

  3. Running is great! You need to train them young...LOL.