Monday, April 15, 2013

A-Z Essentials For Running During Pregnancy - M

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Motivation is essential for every runner. We have to be motivated to lace up our shoes and head out the door on a regular basis. But like with some of the other essentials I've mentioned, motivation plays an even bigger role for pregnant runners.

During the first trimester, morning sickness can kill the desire to do anything, much less run or workout. As pregnancy progresses, added weight and fatigue can drain the desire to be active in any way.

The key to running through these obstacles is motivation. What inspires your running? What encourages you to hit the roads every day? For some, it's to lose weight. For others, it's to train for a race. For many, it's the rush of endorphins or 'runner's high'.

For me, it varies. I've run for all of the above reasons at one time or another. Mostly I run because I enjoy the time alone to pray, to listen for God's whispers, and to honor Him for the gift He has given me. But my biggest motivation for running during pregnancy is to help relieve or avoid postpartum depression.

During my first pregnancy, I spent five months puking. I wasn't prepared for how bad being pregnant would make me feel and didn't even consider running.

As soon as my daughter was born, like 5 minutes after she was out, my mind was screaming at me: "How could you have done nothing for nine months!" "What a waste of time!" "How lazy could you be?" This harsh criticism of myself combined with my fluctuating and changing hormones made me horribly depressed.

Remembering how I felt after Makayla was born is all the motivation I need to run through nausea, fatigue and a growing belly.

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