Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A-Z Essentials For Running During Pregnancy - B

Lets be real, running during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, would be miserable without an awesome sports bra!

A good bra is essential for every female runner, but when your body rages with pregnancy hormones good just isn't good enough. Even a little bouncing can be agony.

Moving Comfort - Helena Sports Bra
FitPregnancy recommends the Moving Comfort Helena Sports Bra.

I have a 'miracle' bra. No, it's not from Victoria's Secret. It's a Champion Sports Bra I ordered online many years ago, but never wore because I found it to be uncomfortably tight.

Now that I'm a cup size bigger than normal, it fits perfectly. That's what I call a 'miracle'.

Even though my regular bra size has gone up, sports bras seem to fit better in my pre-pregnancy size. I don't know why; all I know is that I am super thankful to have a great bra that prevents any bouncing while I'm running!


  1. Awesome advice! Always good to know. Of course I can't imagine running while pregnant. My sister did it all the time though. :)

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host

  2. B is for bra...love it! I bet that is a first for "B" on A to Z Challenge. :0)

    1. Ha! Well, I've got to be honest - it's important ;)

  3. I love it! What an imaginative "B".

  4. Oh there is nothing quite as important as a good bra, when you're running!

    1. :) I mean it's obvious but worth mentioning!

  5. Very creative, Bri! I have a question. Are some of the people I see running in the summer running in their bras? Or do "outdoor" sports bras differ from the ones you are talking about here? Just curious.