Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z Essentials For Running During Pregnancy - C

Photo Credit - Microsoft Clip Art
For safety reasons, all runners should carry their cell phones, but it's even more important for pregnant runners.

I only started regularly carrying my cell phone after a particularly scary wake-up call a year or so ago. To make a long story short, I was running on a trail near my parent's house is West Virginia. On one side of the trail was a mountain and on the other was a river. It was beautiful, tranquil and isolating.

So when a man on a four-wheeler sped past me, stopped, waited for me to catch up, sped off, stopped again, waited again, and repeated this same pattern twice more, I remembered the last CSI episode I watched where men were hunting people and figured I was a goner. Thankfully I wasn't attacked or kidnapped, but the incident scared some sense into me and I've managed to remember my phone ever since.

Now I still worry about being vulnerable to homicidal maniacs, but not as much as I worry about pushing myself too hard and going too far or feeling contractions.

I love the solitude of running, but it only makes sense to have a way to call for help if I need it.


  1. So glad you keep the cell with you now, Brianna. I like having mine with me all the time because of the built in camera. I can snap a pix in an instant.

  2. Yes a cell phone comes in handy for so many different reasons!

  3. Great advice for all runners and walkers. Have found myself in similar situations several times.