Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

April 1-7, 2013
31 Weeks Pregnant

No snow + No injuries = a good week.

Although there was no snow, the first part of the week still felt like winter, but by Friday there were finally signs of spring.
Photo Credit - Faith Laces
Finally! Spring is in the air!

I did come to the conclusion on Wednesday that I may have to decrease my miles on my 'long run' days. It seems that after 5 miles, I start feeling pain in my feet or legs. I'm guessing it's the added weight, looser joints, or a changing center of gravity, but who knows? Whatever the reason, it's bumming me out.

I was prepared not to be able to do 14 mile long runs as my pregnancy progressed. It was hard realizing I couldn't do 10 miles anymore once I reached the middle of my second trimester and now I worry in another month I won't even  be able to run 5 miles at one time.

I've never been a fast runner, but I can (usually) run for a long time. It's disappointing not being able to even though I still want to. Thankfully, someone I respect reminded me that even if I'm not doing what I used to do, my body is still working hard and there are still many benefits to running (even shorter distances) for me and the baby - like better blood circulation, more oxygen to the baby, and I'm hopeful it will help make me stronger during labor and delivery and lessen the possibility for complications.


  1. I'm curious? Did you run with your other child(ren) and if so, did you have to wean your runs for those pregnancy(s) also?

  2. Hi Melanie,
    I had bad morning sickness with my daughter so this is my first pregnancy running.