Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-up

May 13 - 19, 2013
37 Weeks Pregnant

Photo Credit - Faith Laces
This was a week of transition. Makayla 'graduated' from preschool on Monday, which means my dependable schedule of running 5.5 miles on Mondays and Fridays and 8 miles on Wednesdays is no more. This week I struggled to define a new schedule.

Monday I woke up early and ran 3.5 miles because, although this was Makayla's last day of school, they didn't have regular class; instead they had a celebratory picnic.

Tuesday I ran as usual, getting in 4.5 miles.

I took Wednesday off as a 'rest' day, but worked for three hours in the yard digging up the brick edging around two of my flower beds.

Thursday I woke up early and ran 3.5 miles again, only this time it was in the rain. Thankfully, it was a much warmer morning and the rain didn't bother me.

Friday was another 'rest' day with three more hours of digging up brick edging around more flower beds. Thankfully, my back handled all the bending, kneeling and lifting.

Saturday morning I manged to fit in 7 miles before taking Makayla to swimming lessons and then going to a church picnic. The notable moment of this run happened as I passed a thicket of weeds. As I ran by, a duck burst out of the tall grasses flying off one way while a rabbit dashed off in the opposite direction. I had the distinct impression I'd interrupted something. I felt like a policeman unknowingly walking by a drug deal or something else nefarious!

Sunday morning I woke up earlier than usual to fit in 4.5 miles since Mondays and Thursdays runs were so short compared to my previous routine.

With Makayla out of school and the weather really heating up, I'm short on convenient times to run - unless I wake up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning. Whatever schedule I do come up with is only going to be temporary anyway, since when the baby is born, I'm going to have to play each day by ear and probably won't have a good set running schedule again until Makayla goes to kindergarten in the fall.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

May 5 - May 12, 2013
36 Weeks Pregnant
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

This week's highlights include spotting a tiny baby turtle and a live snake, both of which I stopped to photograph. As I paused, pulled out my phone and snapped the picture of the snake, it hit me how drastically different my runs are now than they were nine months ago.
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

Back then I never would have stopped to take a picture of a tiny snake or even noticed the tiny turtle because I was moving too fast and was too focused on my time to really take in my surroundings.

Now that 'fast' is just a fond memory, I see a lot more when I run. Just a few months ago, this would have bothered me, but now with the 'finish line' of my pregnancy in sight, I can appreciate the differences in my running.

While I'm looking forward to running at a faster pace, I'm also going to miss running at a pregnant snail's pace. I'll miss my little running buddy kicking and moving in my belly. I'll miss the heightened awareness of seeing and experiencing the little things, like the icicles on tree limbs turning to brown buds and blossoming into pretty pink flowers.

In a few weeks, I'll still be able to run with my baby and experience the glories of nature, but it will all be in a different way. This change will be hard at first, but I have to accept that nothing stays the same forever - in running and in life.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

April 29 - May 4, 2013
35 Weeks Pregnant
Photo Credit - Faith Laces
Path at Wilson College

Monday I ran in a steady, soaking rain. I had to borrow my husband's waterproof pullover. It did a pretty good job keeping me somewhat warm and mostly dry, but it made me look fat - not pregnant, just fat.

Tuesday I ran in the same pullover because it looked like it might rain again and it was sort of chilly out. Well, it didn't rain and I got overly warm so I took the pullover off and tied it around my waist - or rather, I tried to tie it around my waist, until I remembered - I don't have a waist anymore! The darn thing kept slipping off and I had to tie it around my neck, which sucked because a.) it looked ridiculous and b.) it kept sliding back and choking me.

Wednesday I had to run early in the morning again because my daughter had another field trip. Thankfully, it's getting light out earlier and the sky was already a light grey when I set off.

Friday I tried to fit in the 8 miles I should have done on Wednesday, but only got 6.5 because I happened to run by someone I know and (to be polite) I stopped to chat, which didn't leave me enough time to get in the other 1.5 miles. I hate not reaching my goal, but at least it wasn't because of an injury!

Saturday I ran 4.5 miles on a beautiful, sunny, but cold morning.

All in all it was another great week. No aches and pains that I can't handle. The weather could have been slightly better, but as my mom always told me, "In everyone's life a little rain must fall."