Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

May 27- June 2, 2013
39 Weeks Pregnant

Monday I ran close to 6 miles. The holiday allowed me to run in the morning, but gave me a bit of extra sleeping in time since hubby was off work.

Tuesday I ran 4.5 miles in the afternoon.

Wednesday morning around 4am my water broke. At 5am my contractions started, and 2 hours, 44 minutes and no drugs later, my son was born.
Nathaniel Lee
8lbs 2.6 oz
May 29, 2013
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

I'm happy to say that labor went according to my plan. Although I did say quite a few times that I couldn't do it, I managed to breathe through the pain of the contractions thanks to an awesome nurse. I do believe that running gave me the strength and endurance I needed; however, there was no way I could conjure up the relaxation I practiced in yoga.

I took Thursday and Friday off from running. Saturday I ran for a half hour and Sunday I ran for an hour. I know, that sounds crazy, but my doctor said it was okay as long as I didn't have any heavy bleeding and took it easy. We agreed it was important for me to run to alleviate/battle any post-partum depression.

There is much more to Nathaniel's birth story, which I will share when I get a bit more time.

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