Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

July 8 - July 14, 2013
6 Weeks Postpartum

Nathan's been great about giving me time to run; he just hasn't been as cooperative about giving me time to write about it!

Still keeping to the same schedule and including speed work. I'm back to running my old route on my long run days. Each week I add a bit more distance, but I'm not doing the entire 14 miles yet. Here are some photos I took along the way.

Passing one of three dairy farms...

Over a flowing stream...

Past one of five corn fields...

Storm clouds in the distance...

Beside an apple orchard...

And over railway tracks.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

July 1 - 7, 2013
5 Weeks Postpartum

Keeping up with the same schedule. I've also started doing speed intervals - running all out for a short period of time and then slowing back to my normal pace. I'm faster than I was when pregnant, but still not where I was before I was pregnant.
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

For my long runs I bought a new water bottle. It's from Runner's World.
Pros - it's lightweight and easier to carry than a regular water bottle.
Cons - the water still tastes like the plastic bottle.

We had a great 4th of July holiday. At first Nathan's eyes got really wide when he heard the booming of the fireworks, but eventually, he was over it and ready to eat. Makayla was so excited for the fireworks, but as soon as they started she kept asking when they'd be over! Go figure!
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

June 24 - 30, 2013
4 Weeks Postpartum
Photo Credit - Faith Laces

I've fallen into a somewhat regular schedule of running 4 miles Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings and doing a long run (around 8-9 miles) on Saturdays. I noticed this week that the tight feeling I've had in my lower abdomen has gone away. It wasn't a painful feeling, but whenever I'd start running I'd feel a tightness in my stomach that would slowly fade as I ran, but this week it's disappeared completely.

Another slight pain has developed, though - in my left knee. I notice it the most when I stand up after sitting for a while. It hasn't affected my running - yet.

One thing I've noticed about running in the morning besides the beautiful sunrises, is cobwebs! I'm constantly running through cobwebs. I understand running through them when I run through a wooded area, but some cobwebs are seemingly just hanging in mid-air. I can't figure out what they are connected to.

Nathan is doing wonderfully. On Saturday he was a month old. It's a cliche, but so very true - time goes by so fast!

Photo Credit - Faith Laces