Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

Nathan Fall 2015
December 13 - December 19, 2015
30 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday December 13 - 2 miles
Monday December 14 - 3 miles
Wednesday December 16 - 5 miles
Friday December 18 - 6 miles

Total Miles - 16 miles

Sunday was a beautiful day - more like a spring day than an almost Christmastime day. I was too nauseous in the morning before church to run, but Makayla and I went for a short run in the afternoon. It was around 60 degrees. Since I still wasn't eating much, Monday's run was short and slow too. Nathan had surgery on Wednesday to put in a G-tube. Being in the hospital all day and overnight Tuesday didn't give me a lot of energy for a five mile run on Wednesday, but I managed it. I tired to pick up the pace on Friday, but 6 miles was still done slowly.

The entire month of December hasn't been great for running. I've been terribly slow, especially compared to November.

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

December 6 - December 12, 2015

29 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday December 6 - 3 miles
Tuesday December 8 - 4 miles
Thursday December 10 - 5 miles

Total Miles - 12 miles

I was scheduled to run 6 miles on Saturday but I woke up and immediately started throwing up. I couldn't get out of bed most of the day. On Friday we went Christmas shopping in Pittsburgh with my dad. We were gone from 10am to 11pm. I don't know if that's what did me in or not. Anyway, my goal is to get my long run up to 8 miles before the baby is born, but that's not looking possible at this point. Not only is it hard to run when I am nauseated, but also when I am nauseous all the time, I'm not eating and if I'm not eating I don't have the strength or energy to run.

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

November 29 - December 5, 2015

28 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday November 29 - 3 miles
Wednesday December 2 - 5 miles
Thursday December 3 - 4 miles

Total Miles - 12 miles

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

November 22 - 28 2015
Makayla and I at the Greencastle Turkey Trot 2015

27 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday November 22 - 3 miles
Tuesday November 24 - 5 miles
Thursday November 26 - 4 miles
Friday November 27 - 5 miles

Total Miles - 17 miles

This week was the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (1 mile kids' run and 5K). I woke up Thursday morning at 5am and felt like throwing up, but I couldn't. So I laid in bed for the next two hours wishing I would just throw up and feel better. I debated whether to run the race or not considering how nauseated I was, but in the end decided I would just try. I was going to be nauseous whether I ran or not, so I might as well run!

Makayla and I ran the kids' 1 mile. The weather was great - about 40 degrees or so. When we started, I felt really bad and I know I held her back. As we ran I just encouraged her to find her pace so she could run the entire race and not sprint and then walk. To my surprise she ended up running the entire mile without walking. There were two younger boys in front of us that would run really fast whenever we started to pass them and then they would walk. I told her not to pay them any attention and when we got close to the finish line we could speed up and leave them in our dust --and that's exactly what we did.

I didn't feel terrible after the kids' run so I ran the 5K. I ended up finishing in 30 minutes and 26 seconds which is about two minutes faster than when I raced during my pregnancy with Nathan. Unfortunately it was also about 5 minutes slower than my pace last year.

After the race, Makayla was really excited to run more and improve her time. Hopefully this spring when it is warmer for her and I'm not nauseous all the time, we can do some training runs together.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

November 15 - 21 2015

26 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday November 15 - 2 miles (Very nauseous. It was hard to run today.)
Monday November 16 - 4 miles
Wednesday November 18 - Had planned to do 6 miles but got violently ill at mile 2.5. Unfortunately I didn't have my cell phone. It was so bad I contemplated lying down on the sidewalk, but I didn't want anyone calling an ambulance.
Friday November 20 - Felt better and was able to complete 6 miles.

Total Miles - 16 miles

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

November 8 - 14 2015

25 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday November 8 - I took off to rest from race on Saturday.
Monday November 9 - 4 miles
Wednesday November 11 - 6 miles - the farthest I've run since June 24, 2015 when I ran 9 miles.
Friday November 13 - 5 miles

Total Miles - 15 miles

Felt pretty good this week. No adverse pains from the longer distances and I kept a decent pace 11:30-12:00.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

November 1 - 7 2015
24 Weeks Pregnant
24 weeks pregnant for Menno Haven 5K

November 1 - 3 miles

November 2 - 3 miles
November 4 - 5 miles
November 6 - 2 miles
November 7 - Menno Haven 5K for Memory Care 
3.2 miles in 31 minutes at 9:41 pace

Total Miles - 18.2 miles

Saturday was a great day for a 5K race. The weather was cool but not frigid - about 55 degrees. Makayla signed up for the full 5K instead of the children's 1 mile run. This presented a small challenge for me - run with her or try and beat my 2012 race time when I was 9 weeks pregnant with Nathan. 

Last year I finished in 26 minutes. I knew that was unlikely to happen this year, but I really wanted to race against my previous pregnancy time. Ultimately, Makayla ran about .5 miles with me to start and after I finished I met her about .5 miles from the finish line and ran with her to the finish. Dan walked with her for the other 2.2 miles. 

It was hard because Makayla and I have been doing this race together since she was three (4 years). I always ran the mile with her before the 5K started. I need to pick a 5K I've never ran before and since I have no previous time to beat I can just do it at Makayla's pace.

I did end up beating my previous pregnancy time of 37 minutes. Whoo hoo! But didn't come close to placing 1st or 2nd in my age group. Well, there's always next year!

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

Gender Reveal October 31, 2015
October 25 - 31 2015
23 Weeks Pregnant

October 25 - 3 miles
October 26 - 4 miles
October 29 - 3 miles
October 30 - 5 miles

Total Miles - 15 miles

Didn't run on Wednesday because of rain; however weather has been really nice. Most days I wear a tshirt and capris running leggings. 

Saturday we announced during our church's Trunk or Treat that we are having a boy. Nathan was a pumpkin and Makayla was Anna for Halloween.

My little pumpkin.

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

October 18 -24 2015
22 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday October 18 - 3 miles
Monday October 19 - 3.2 miles
Wednesday October 21 - 4 miles
Friday October 23 - 5 miles

Total Miles - 15.2 miles

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

October 11 -17 2015

21 Weeks Pregnant
Nathan at the Pumpkin Patch 2014

I haven't done a weekly wrap-up in 2 years and 3 months . Since then I've run two marathons, two half marathons, set a PR of 25:14 in a 5K and now I'm pregnant again! There's just something about running while pregnant that makes me want to document the experience. Maybe it's because it's something that only happens once  - every pregnancy is different after all. Whatever the reason, here I am again!

These last 21 weeks have been marked by all day nausea and for the first 18 weeks, vomiting multiple times a day. At this point, I'm down to multiple times a week, which is an improvement. This sickness has definitely impacted my running. Unlike with my previous pregnancy, I was not able to keep up the same number of days a week running. I just wasn't able to get in enough fuel. My first trimester I was lucky to run 2 miles 2-3 times a week. I didn't have the extra strength or energy to run well, but I ran as much as I could. The last two weeks I've felt a lot better during and after running. I'm finally able to add more mileage and keep up a decent pace - nothing like my pre-pregnancy pace, but a good pregnancy pace for me.

October 11 - Too nauseous to run the scheduled 3 miles.
October 12 - 3 miles at easy pace.
October 14 - 4.6 miles at around 11:40 pace. The farthest I've run since June.
October 16 - 5 miles at around 11:40 pace.

I didn't take any running pictures, so I'm sharing my little pumpkin during last year's trip to the pumpkin patch. I still need to upload this year's trip (October 16, 2015).