Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

November 1 - 7 2015
24 Weeks Pregnant
24 weeks pregnant for Menno Haven 5K

November 1 - 3 miles

November 2 - 3 miles
November 4 - 5 miles
November 6 - 2 miles
November 7 - Menno Haven 5K for Memory Care 
3.2 miles in 31 minutes at 9:41 pace

Total Miles - 18.2 miles

Saturday was a great day for a 5K race. The weather was cool but not frigid - about 55 degrees. Makayla signed up for the full 5K instead of the children's 1 mile run. This presented a small challenge for me - run with her or try and beat my 2012 race time when I was 9 weeks pregnant with Nathan. 

Last year I finished in 26 minutes. I knew that was unlikely to happen this year, but I really wanted to race against my previous pregnancy time. Ultimately, Makayla ran about .5 miles with me to start and after I finished I met her about .5 miles from the finish line and ran with her to the finish. Dan walked with her for the other 2.2 miles. 

It was hard because Makayla and I have been doing this race together since she was three (4 years). I always ran the mile with her before the 5K started. I need to pick a 5K I've never ran before and since I have no previous time to beat I can just do it at Makayla's pace.

I did end up beating my previous pregnancy time of 37 minutes. Whoo hoo! But didn't come close to placing 1st or 2nd in my age group. Well, there's always next year!

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