Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

Nathan Fall 2015
December 13 - December 19, 2015
30 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday December 13 - 2 miles
Monday December 14 - 3 miles
Wednesday December 16 - 5 miles
Friday December 18 - 6 miles

Total Miles - 16 miles

Sunday was a beautiful day - more like a spring day than an almost Christmastime day. I was too nauseous in the morning before church to run, but Makayla and I went for a short run in the afternoon. It was around 60 degrees. Since I still wasn't eating much, Monday's run was short and slow too. Nathan had surgery on Wednesday to put in a G-tube. Being in the hospital all day and overnight Tuesday didn't give me a lot of energy for a five mile run on Wednesday, but I managed it. I tired to pick up the pace on Friday, but 6 miles was still done slowly.

The entire month of December hasn't been great for running. I've been terribly slow, especially compared to November.

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