Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Running Wrap-Up

February 7 - February 13, 2016
38 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday February 7 - 3 miles
Thursday February 11 - 3 miles

Total Miles - 6 miles

New baby is low and I think this is why my upper legs are so sore during and after running. At this point, I'm also having sciatica pains in my right leg which cause me to limp when I run. Officially I made it 38 weeks during this pregnancy but in the interest of not hurting myself for after the baby is born I'm going to stop running until baby is born. I wish I could have continued to run, but my tiredness and the bad weather combined with the soreness in my body that running causes have convinced me now is a good time to take a break.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Running Wrap Up

January 31 - February 6, 2016
37 Weeks Pregnant

Monday February 1 - 2 miles
Tuesday February 2 - 3 miles
Thursday February 4 -3 miles

Total Miles - 7 miles

I'm disgusted by the low mileage, but whether it's Nate's hospitalization, the bad weather, the crummy roads or the pregnancy, I'm just tired and lacking the motivation to get moving.

Weekly Running Wrap Up

January 24 - January 30, 2016
36 Weeks Pregnant

Thursday January 28 - 2 miles
Saturday January 30 - 2 miles

Total Miles - 4 miles

It finally happened - snow - and a whole bunch of it - 2 feet! It snowed on Saturday so Sunday through Tuesday the roads were just too narrow to run on. I wouldn't have had anywhere to go when a car came and the sidewalks weren't in great shape. The park is off the map now since they don't plow or clear any paths. :( I had planned to go running on Wednesday, but Nathan ended up being hospitalized at Chambersburg because he couldn't get enough oxygen.

After staying in the hospital overnight Wednesday, I went home Thursday and eked out 2 miles.
Unfortunately that night, Nathan was life-flighted to Hershey. Saturday was a bitterly cold and slow two miles with Makayla around the hospital.

Weekly Running Wrap Up

January 17 - January 23, 2016
35 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday January 17 - 3 miles
Monday January 18 - 5 miles
Wednesday January 20 - 4 miles
Friday January 22 -5 miles

Total Miles - 17 miles

Weekly Running Wrap Up

Photo courtesy of Kara Pittman Photography
January 10 - January 16, 2016
34 Weeks - Photo Courtesy of Kara Pittman Photography
34 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday January 10 - 3 miles
Tuesday January 12 - 5 miles
Thursday January 14 - 4 miles
Friday January 15 - 4 miles

Total Miles - 16 miles

I hate to see my miles decrease like this when for the past two years I've been increasing my miles to run the Chambersburg half marathon and then the Pittsburgh Marathon. It's depressing. 

On the positive side, we had family photos done by Kara Pittman on Saturday. It was cold at 40 degrees but it could have been colder! Nathan wasn't happy about any of it and cried the whole time. When we got home and he woke up from his nap, he had a fever.

Weekly Running Wrap Up

January 3 - January 9, 2016
33 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday January 3 - 3 miles
Monday January 4 - 4 miles
Wednesday January 6 - 5 miles
Friday January 8 - 5 miles

Total Miles - 17 miles

The pain is getting to me and the slow pace isn't helping. On the plus side, the weather has been so good. No ice or snow to worry about :)

Weekly Running Wrap Up

December 20, 2015 - January 2, 2016
31 and 32 Weeks Pregnant

Sunday December 20 - 2 miles
Monday December 21 - 3 miles
Wednesday December 23 - 5 miles
Friday December 25 - 6 miles
Sunday December 27 - 3 miles
Monday December 28 - 4 miles
Wednesday December 30 - 5 miles
Friday January 1 - 6 miles

Total Miles - 16 miles and 18 miles

Had a great run on Christmas day - it was warm around 60 degrees! Christmas Eve was even warmer at 70 degrees!
Ran 6 miles on January 1 while in WV. A dog chased me and I had to have Dan come and pick me up. After driving away from the dog, he dropped me off and I resumed my run. Still running slowly. My upper, inner thighs and pelvic area start hurting after about 2 miles and then they hurt badly the rest of the day. Anytime I try to pick up the pace, the pain is worse.